Common To Star In ‘Black Samurai’ TV Series

Have you been waiting for a superstar emcee to feature in a TV show that is based on a Kung Fu flick classic? Well if so, Common has just the show for you. Variety reported today [Friday, June 17] Common has agreed to star in a television adaptation based on Marc Olden’s 1974 book series, which inspired the 1977 Kung Fu film of the same name, Black Samurai.

To no one’s surprise, RZA, of the Wu-Tang Clan is an executive producer on the project that will feature Common as a rugged Kung Fu master that dismisses his foes with fists of fury. Just so you can get a sense of the character Common is playing, watch the trailer for the original 1977 film below.

Common is going to be playing Jim Kelly’s character, a Kung Fu master who is a member of D.R.A.G.O.N (Defense Reserve Agency Guardian Of Nations), who fights bad guys where ever they might appear. You probably remember Jim Kelly from the Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon, where he once again sported his signature afro while pulverizing dudes. No word yet on whether or not Common will be sporting such an afro.

And while the quality of the original film is not very good, and the plot of the original movie is essentially like the Blaxploitation films of the 1970s with some Kung Fu sprinkled in, surely the modern day adaption will address both of those problems. According to Variety, the show is being shopped around the major networks at the moment, and once it is picked up, a director and writers can be chosen.

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T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Arrested After A Gun Was Discovered In Her Bag At Airport

As chronicled on their hit Vh1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, the Harris’ have quite a large family with seven children with their new addition to the family being born a few months ago. Though the family has been riding on cloud nine, there now seems to be a new blip on the radar. According to reports, Tiny’s daughter and T.I.’s step-daughter Zonnique Pullins was arrested Thursday morning at an Atlanta airport after TSA agents spotted a semiautomatic pistol in her bag as it went through the X-ray machine.

Zonnique told the TSA agents that she had the proper permits for the weapon but was unable to provide the paperwork at the time. She was taken into custody and released the following morning. Aside from appearing on the family’s Vh1 show, Zonnique has also made a name for herself being a member of the girl group OMG Girlz.

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Price Be of P.M. Dawn Passes Away at 46, Hip Hop Community Reacts

Attrell Cordes, better known as Prince Be of P.M. Dawn, has passed away at the age of 46 from kidney disease due to his struggle with diabetes. The New Jersey native was half of the ’90s R&B group with brother Jarrett Cordes. After the introduction of the Nielsen SoundScan in 1991, P.M. Dawn earned the first #1 with “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” on the Billboard Hot 100.

The group’s first two albums went on to

achieve Gold Status and last hit the charts in 1998 on the Senseless soundtrack with “Gotta Be… Movin’ on Up.”

The group was also part of one of the most epic moments in Hip Hop history, when they mentioned KRS-One to a publication in 1992 saying, “KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?” Later that year, The Teacher threw Cordes off the stage at Manhattan’s Sound Factory nightclub and then went into a performance of  “The Bridge.”

Overall, P.M. Dawn spawned seven Billboard Hot 100 hits after hitting the charts 25 years ago. Cordes is survived by his wife Mary and his children Christian, Mia and Brandon.

The group’s website confirmed the tragic news, “With profound sadness, the driving force of P.M. Dawn, Attrell Cordes “Prince Be” has passed. Cordes passed Friday of renal kidney disease from diabetes at a hospital in his home state of New Jersey.”

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Oakland Honors 2Pac With “Tupac Shakur Day”

Today (June 16) is the birthday of the iconic 2Pac. The city of Oakland, California is recognizing their adoptive son by declaring this date “Tupac Shukar Day.”

Hip-Hop advocate LeRoy McCarthy revealed to Okayplayer that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf confirmed the honor for the late West Coast representative. McCarthy also took part in drafting the language for the resolution.

“Although Tupac was born in Harlem, New York City in 1971, later lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and in Marin City, California, he cherished his time in Oakland as his home, stating that he got his ‘Game’ from Oakland,” reads the Mayor’s office’s proclamation. “Tupac once said: ‘…I give all my love to Oakland, if I’ma claim somewhere I’ma claim Oakland.”

3_Artists_Bus_Out_of_Home-e1466019064261This week also saw Pac named one of the latest rap stars to have their lyrics printed on special editions of Sprite cans. He was joined by Missy Elliott and J. Cole.


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DJ Quik & Problem Drop a Video For “New Nite”

DJ Quik has dropped the official video for the follow-up to his classic hit “Tonite,” “New Nite,” off of his collaboration album Rosecrans with Problem.

The video, which features a mash-up of live performances and video scenes, starts off with Quik explaining how he utilized the track to pay homage to his legendary single off his debut album Quik is the Name in 1991.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Quik revealed why he decided to remake the hit song and why the revamp is his favorite track on the album.

“I look at it as one big piece of work. But if I could only play one, I like “A New Nite.” Someone had tried to sample my song “Tonite,” a Top 20 record in ’91. And when I heard it, it was so stingy, so lazy, I denied the sample clearance for it just because it didn’t make that much sense to me. And I just decided that if someone was going to do my music over — I still have the original master tapes from that song. I also still have the original floppy discs that all the original samples and drums are on from the SP-1200. So I pulled it into the studio, spread the song out technically and did it myself. Problem heard it, came to the studio, listened to it, and was like, “I got something for this.” And he just started killing the chorus live, no paper.”

In the interview, Quik also discussed aging in Hip-Hop and how he overcame the feeling of “falling off” in the game.

“It’s creepy that now, all of a sudden, at 46, I’m having a resurgence and all my concerts are selling out. Everybody wants to see me now. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. But why didn’t they do this 15 years ago when I lost my deal with Arista, when I really needed some fan support and love? My shows wasn’t selling. It was almost like I was old news. And I felt that, and I felt bad. I struggled with it and I tried to fight to hold on, but sometimes if you’re falling you do more damage to yourself trying to break the fall instead of just hitting the fucking ground and bouncing back up. I was like, OK, I give up. I’m going to try to take this job over here, do something a little different, try to put my son on and produce other things. And it’s like, “Quik we want you!” I was like, “You sure you want to party with ol’ Eddie King Jr.?”

Peep the video below and tweet us and let us know if you feel like Hip Hop has an age limit or do you like the idea of veteran emcees evolving?

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